Healthcare Reform in Your Kitchen!

Radical Healthcare Reform

Food for LIfe

Take a tour of your own kitchen cupboards, refrigerator and if you’re lucky….your freezer. What do you see? Go outside and look in your yard or at your deck (if you are a condo dweller). Do you see any plants growing that could feed you? Do you have any herbs? Tomatoes? Peppers? Basil? Oregano? All of these items can be grown on a porch or a deck in pots. It costs far less to harvest some home grown basil and make pesto to freeze for the winter than look for it in mid-winter and find a few sprigs for 5.99 (outrageous). Who can really afford this?

If you do not see any of these living plants outside in your yard, on your deck or in a pot in your house, then your kitchen is going go “a-wanting” this winter when produce gets even more expensive.

Now…think about where you are shopping for your food resources. When you go there what do you see the minute you walk in the front door? Try it sometime. Go to your super market..step into the front door and stand at the front of the check out aisles. Look left and look right. Do your own assessments of how many packaged food aisles you see versus produce aisles.

Chances are that what you see is that 80% of the shelves lined with processed foods and 20% or less is devoted to vegetables and fruits. When we predominantly eat processed foods full of gluten, fructose, soy, in lieu of nutrition filled food for life, we will ultimately pay via compromised health.

Ask yourself an important question. When did a large majority of us lose our vision about prevention of disease as it relates to what we eat? Have you noticed that people are lined up in pharmacies across America to get drugs to remediate diseases brought on by their unhealthy diets. Their kitchens  are stocked with highly processed packaged foods.

Are they at fault? Yes and No!

While some people do actually prefer to take a drug than to eat right and exercise (as shocking as that may be, doctors can tell you that it is true)!

I think many of us have been duped by commercial advertising, food additives that addict us unwittingly, lack of focus on education into nutrition and simply learning quick ways to truly optimize our health.

Yes, we suffer from what I will call “food addictions” triggered by additives to foods. If you don’t think food is addictive…..then I challenge you to quit eating commercial french fries cold turkey and bake your own potato fries in the oven from scratch.  Huge difference in the flavor balance. Then…fry your own chicken cut up nuggest sans all the “additives” that coat the nuggets in fast food franchises.

You will be shocked at the difference in flavor and frankly may find that you are hooked on the fast food flavor. However, you may also be delighted at the fact that you can actually taste the potatos and the real flavor of chicken. Ultimately you may find that your “fixin” is healthier and tastier than “their fixin”.

If we turn our attention to eating nutritious food or “food for life” which includes any vegetables, fruits and whole grains, our lives will automatically be healthier. Eating unadulterated meat, i.e., for example “chicken with a chance” meaning natural farm grown chickens that are not stressed, diseased, fed growth hormones and over antibioticized via commercial growers is going to be better for you.

Obesity, diabetes and heart disease plague the citizens of America and are quite predominant in the southland. Turns out all that ‘good eatin” ad nauseum also helps to put people into an early grave..or even worse… with all kinds of debilitating diseases.

It is a fact that countries who adopt the Western penchant for “fast food” which has no life left in it to support good health, are starting to see the same ill effects of consumption. (See “The China Study” book for some references on this)


So…what to do?

Resist the urge to allow your diet to be dominated by processed foods. Find a farmer and purchase directly from him/her. Identify canned or frozen veggies in their natural sate which are also good picks if you cannot garden or find a farmer in your area.

Summarily, start your journey to “eat to live” in your own kitchen! Avoid “living to eat” in seductive outlets that are not in the least worried about your personal health but welcome your pocketbook!!

To Your Health!

Passionate About Your Health Advisor!

Linda Carey

Health Industry Marketing is comprised of a team of experienced "Offline and Online' Business Development Specialists and Internet Marketers. Practical 'in the trenches' business acumen is paired with new media to bring your organization the best possible results.

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