Reputation Management: Healthcare Provider Communication Coaching

“Providing My Patients the Very Best in  Support & Services” would ideally be every Healthcare Providers’ Mantra for 2012. 

Question? Do You Have the Mission Critical Tools to “Self Coach” In 2012? 

Question: Do you Recognize Your Need for Interpersonal Communication Coaching that Precedes Remedial  Reputation Management Expertise Online or Offline?

Obviously, you know and I know that things slip through the cracks each day in business management. Business stresses are on the rise in the business of healthcare. Some things will remain in flux for a while, some cannot be changed and yet, for certain, you can strive to ensure that your reputation is above reproach in your day-to-day business of providing impactive healthcare and excellent communication when  interacting with patients ‘live” and in-person.

You can also seek to rectify any perceived “negatives” that might be reported online or offline about you and your organization by disgruntled patients or competitors through your engagement in constructive coaching around your interpersonal style and potential stressors for you as stress accelerates.

That said, it optimal to engage in some communication training and facilitation that supports your individual communication or the  collective “tone” of  your office staff and nursing professionals.

The Solution:

Healthcare Provider Communication Coaching That Mitigates Reputation Risks.
Besides the onslaught of competition in the healthcare provider marketplace, “good news” and “bad news” travels fast in today’s viral social media outlets. Have you looked online recently to see what is actually being posted about you and/or your practice? 

The evidence for errors each day are viewed in “real time” by observers of private practice physicians’ offices each day across the land.

Health Industry Marketing provides some unique tools and services to healthcare  practitioners that is destined to impact your personal communication with staff and  enhance inter-office dynamics as well as patient communication.

Utilized by high performance business people, world class athletes in tennis, golf, swimming and Olympic Competition, this personal coaching assessment tool is second to none. 

Even your golf and tennis game will benefit!

The initial  assessments for your professional individualized scouting report can be conducted online without your ever leaving the office in less than 45 minutes.


Costs: 350.00 per participant

*Individualized Feedback and Coaching Over the Phone or in a Web Conference by Certified TAIS administrator and Professional Health Industry Coach.

$299.00 for 1.5 hours.

*Group Rates: 5 participants 299.00 per particpant for (1) assessment

Group Rate for 5 participants in Feedback and Coaching: $150.00 per participant for  individualized coaching by phone  or in a Web Conference not to exceed 1 hours.

Reputation Management

(Course  No. 112)

Find Out What You Don’t Know NOW!
Don’t be taken by surprised  if and when a disgruntled patient decides to “scorch the earth” with you on facebook, twitter and/or google places while literally giving prospective patients an address and location to “beware of”. Your reputation management is now able to be positively or negatively impacted with greater reach by social media venues like facebook, twitter, google places and more than ever before.

Learn What You Can Do In Response to a Reputation Threat!

Citations, reviews and other feedback is showing up daily on google. While you are happy to receive the glowing reviews, are you prepared to address the “negatives.”. Do you kow how to do so?. Are you armed to comprehend and/or navigatge your private practice through these potentially turbulent waters?

Learn What NOT to Do in Response to a Reputation Threat!

As a healthcare practitioner, your online or in person responses to reputation threats must be carefully calculated and you must be prepared. Due to HIPPA laws among others, you need to know how to communicate as a “pre-emptive” strike towards reputation management versus a “reactive strike” against a patient or consumer whose comments about you and/or your practice are negative.

Costs: Live webinar


Personal Office Visit & Consultation: 

299.00 for 1st hour

100.00 for each additional hour

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