Saga of Health IT Interoperability Continues To Avoid Confluence But Qualys Has Solutions and Experience In Complex Security Environments

While the buzz about interoperability continues in hospitals across the USA, there are solution providers that need to be consulted or at least given a “second glance” outside the conventional healthcare IT vendors.

The question that should remain paramount and drive healthcare IT dept Manager and CIOS each and every day should be how does the lack of interoperability and fragmentation impact clinical outcomes and patient safety. Granted there are so many stakeholders in the “interoperability pit” with healthcare medical devices,diagnostic imaging equipment, pharmaceutical and clinical systems all competing vs. collaborating with software updates and less than optimal connectivity. Departments and budgets are also siloed. These two factors alone provide formidable bottlenecks where ubiquitous solutions are needed.

Look no further than an outstanding company located in Redwood Shores, CA, led by the formidable high tech and yes, healthcare experienced CEO, Philippe Courtot. For more read….

Qualys CEO Philippe Courtot Kicks Off QSC16 with Call for Organizations to Secure Their Digital Transformations

Health Industry Marketing believes that all CIOs and CEOs of healthcare consortiums should, indeed, take a peek at Qualys to see what kinds of solutions may help to cut through the red tape of interoperability.

To Your Health!

The Healthcare Advisor

Linda Carey

Health Industry Marketing is comprised of a team of experienced "Offline and Online' Business Development Specialists and Internet Marketers. Practical 'in the trenches' business acumen is paired with new media to bring your organization the best possible results.

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