March 13, 2014

Health Industry Marketing Launches “Authority Marketing”  as a Ninja Service to help Healthcare Providers Gain Status and “Get Picked” by Patient-Consumers.

logo2-healthindustrymarketing Health Industry Marketing’s “authority” marketing will provide solutions that enable providers to generate more quality leads and referrals from their surrounding communities. It is not enough to be ranked on the first page of Google anymore.  People have a hard time discerning who to pick from the voluminous amounts of “meaningless” data.“Quality of care,” “Value of Care”,  “Cost of Care”  and “Relationship With a Doctor”  are 4 top concerns of patient-consumers. All of these can be addressed through Health Industry Marketing’s “Authority” Solutions.Customized solutions based on your unique provider care environment are generated to ensure your digital marketing “real estate” is  continuously monitored for authority and reputation. We are also ever mindful of the sensitivities pertinent to healthcare providers as they market on-line.We Subscribe to the adage “No prescription without diagnosis”. A complimentary consultation to healthcare provider institutions, free-standing clinics and outpatient surgical centers is available upon request.

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