Healthcare Marketing for Hospitals Has Changed for Good

Have you noticed? Healthcare Marketing has changed? You are probably saying, “yes” I know this so what’s the scoop?  Depending on your hospital and how you are approaching marketing, plenty! The difference in today’s marketing versus “yester year” is that brand management must be concerned about great digital content and …

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Health 2.0 Healthcare Conference Voted “Most Outstanding” Predicted to Dazzle Silicon Valley in September 2013.

Health 2.0 is  happening Soon in the Silcon Valley.  Health Industry Marketing encourages you and your colleagues to  RUN..and  Do Not Walk to Sign Up  and  Attend this conference. See details here: Health 2.0 was just recently Voted “Most Outstanding Health Innovation & Solution Conference” by Health Industry Marketing, this …

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Health 2.0 Coming to San Francisco and We’re Attending to See the Latest and Greatest in Technology Applications!

>We are completely psyched at Health Industry Marketing as we proceed to Health 2.0 in San Francisco October 7-9, 2012. It is our opinion that the new technology applications promise to bridge healthcare between the clinician who often must “remediate” disease without having a real insight into the patient as he/she lives each day. Daily habits are pivotal to health improvement and movement towards effective healthcare solutions. The clinician typically relies on diagnostic evaluations that provide a “freeze frame” analysis of where the patient is at the time of the appointment. Heretofore, there hasn’t been a way to monitor the patient’s activities away from the clinician’s office. Applications, when use properly, provide additional data that can be extremely insightful to both the patient and the clinician. Healthy outcomes may very well be enhanced via closer monitoring with apps of the patient in daily life. Tracking dietary habits, exercise, medication, etc. represents a total picture of the patient who is endeavoring to ‘be well.” coupled with diagnostic tests that look deeply into the patient’s biological status.

Healthcare Reform in Your Kitchen!

Take a tour of your own kitchen cupboards, refrigerator and if you’re lucky….your freezer. What do you see? Go outside and look in your yard or at your deck (if you are a condo dweller). Do you see any plants growing that could feed you? Do you have any herbs? …

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