Peanut Allergens May Soon Be Remediated

Health Industry Marketing is super excited about the great nutrients in peanuts and heartily  support their consumption for the majority of consumers. That said, there are apparently 2.8 million allergy sufferers in the USA who cannot eat peanuts. Exciting news has come out from the USDA regarding research that is being …

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Population Management in Healthcare

  There is so much discussion of “population management” and we think about it a lot.  The concept of “medical homes”, while a good notion, is not likely  to make a dent in healthcare  cost in the short term due to the aging of America and  as the UHC research …

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Healthcare Reform Bundled Payments Hit CT Hard

Health Industry Marketing joins radiologist in concerns about bundled payments. For more see the following from staff writer Kate at…a great online educational resource publication.

What Docs Can Learn From Athletes About Performing Under Pressure

  Doc…are you struggling while you perform under pressure? If so…the following article might give you some brief insights and resources to consider. An article from the Raleigh News and Observer written by Health Industry Marketing…………….. A toast to your stress reduction and health! The Health Advisor