North Carolina Ambulatory Surgical Care Conference’s Riveting Day at Wrightsville Beach!

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High point, North Carolina
November 5, 2011

Today the  Association of Ambulatory Surgical Centers of North Carolina convened
for their 25th anniversary meeting in Wrightsville Beach North Carolina. This riveting educational and inspirational conference was held at the lovely Blockade Runner Hotel.

A warm welcome was provided to all participants by Kathy Wilson, President,as she set the tone for the  educational sessions that followed.

Key sessions included the “hot topics” of Venous  Disease Management, Endovenous Ablation and current strategies presented by Daniel Geerson, MPAP, PA-C.  Mr. Greerson is associated with Vascular Surgery at Duke University Medical Center

In addition, a riveting presentation on “Care of The Bariatric Patient” was given by Michael Nanney, RN III, RRT, CPAN, who is associated with Cone Health and Wesley Long Hospital. Among many great points were his comments concerning  compassionate care and proper accommodation  for this unique population of patients.

A legal nurse consultant, Ms. Beverly Ann Tedder, Director, Clinical Compliance & Regulatory Services at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, chimed in with some fabulous facts concerning “Patient Safety & Ambulatory Surgery.”  Ms.  Tedder  asked a  very important question; “If it is  high risk and “low volume” and doesn’t happen 8very often does  everyone remember what to do?  She went a step further and said’ ” w These  types of events which are “Low volume and high risk” really require  a process map,” she said.

The day came to hysterical and arousing conclusion when Laura Hamilton, CSP of Laura Hamilton Seminars, spoke about The “Super Woman”  complex and  how women  think they are invincible. Laura cleverly drove some “hard truths”  home to the healthcare providers with great southern humor.  She chronicled her journey to “perfection” and carried her audience as she chronicled her “rise to burn out.” She encouraged her 98 percent female audience  to relax their standards, make different choices, and stop being “so in charge” in order to embrace a better personal quality of life. She encourages women to learn the art of “saying no.”

Who better to adopt better self-care than professional nurses, aka as “caregivers”?

In addition to their annual meeting,  AASC provides year-round  support for its association members. Interested parties may contact President Kathy Wilson at

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