National CNA Wages Are Out of Sync With Marketplace Demands

Most recently, some of the Health Industry Marketing advisors were engaged in a discussion about healthcare CNAs and how the demand everywhere is escalating. One need only go to and look in the category healthcare jobs to see what is happening in your zipcode.

The discussion later digressed into the “supply and demand” issue. While there appears to be lots of training going on and strategies to attract CNAs, it also appears that there are a disproportinate amount of job requisitions to fill.

Perhaps looking at the national wages will give us an indicator as to why people are not gravitating to the CNA role even when considering a nursing career. Here we see a tool fromPHI that shows the wages and based on our own independent research, we agree with this assessment.

In consideration of the fact that CNAS typically do all the heavy lifting, bathing, vitals monitoring, feeding, transporting, providing social-psychological support and much more, is it realistic that the healthcare industry at large should expect to continue to hire competent people who have the education, integrity, high ethics in care and resilience alone to meet the demands of the positions?

Babysitters who “fill in” for parents going out for an evening are likely to earn almost as much in an evening sitting engagement as CNAs do for a laborious 8 hour day.

So where is the disconnect?

Is it the private sector owners?

Is it the patient-consumer who cannot afford more wages whether privately hired by families or hired through agencies?

Is it the hospital who has simply decided that hands on patient care is something that is not as relevant anymore?

Is it the fault of Medicaid? Medicare? Who is to set the standards for education and compensation well beyond where we stand today?

Regardless of where the responsibility lays, Amercan patient-consumers are in the market for some great results when it is their turn to “be helped” in a health compromised situation. Until then, the “status quo” appears to be ok for most folks.

So, as the demands increase, we predict that wages will start to fluctuate. Highly competent and experienced CNAs who also possess more education, better socio-psychological skills based on the demands of the job will land at the top of the proverbial “CNA food chain”.


Linda Carey

Health Industry Marketing is comprised of a team of experienced "Offline and Online' Business Development Specialists and Internet Marketers. Practical 'in the trenches' business acumen is paired with new media to bring your organization the best possible results.

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