Healthcare Reform and Worries of Private Practice Physicians

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Working on My Medical Practice Versus In My Medical Practice

Working on My Medical Practice Versus In My Medical Practice

The Concerns That Docs Worry About Every Day! 

(1)  Many are concerned about how they can continue to  offer the quality of services that they offer and accept less reimbursement  from Medicare, Medicare and now insurance companies. Quality is also now a metric for reimbursement for hospitals and docs are wondering how “quality” of care will trickle down as  mandated metrics for private practitioners by CMS.

(2) Primary care physicians, who appear to be in the “cat bird’s seat” of recent healthcare reform as it is rolled out are concerned about the inefficiencies in their practice brought about by the burdens of

(a)more compliance and the increasing population of insureds by the government healthcare plan.

(b)their need to ramp up staffing to ensure that patients are actually able to be ttreated and processed properly through their offices.

(3) Many physicians are wondering if, in fact, they should simply move away from accepting any insurances at all and simply catering to patients who want  the best care and can afford to pay out of pocket. This trend seems to be picking up speed, especially in the state of California.  This trend was on foot prior to healthcare reform and seems to be growing.

This is not an emerging trend in  rural areas where the majority of the docs are reimbursed by medicaid and medicare due to the socioeconomic and elder factors in their regions. However, they also seek alternatives ways to deal with the onslaught of regulations, increased workloads and lack of torte reform which leaves them wide open to frivolous medical malpractice suits.

(4) Some feel like they are going to be always working “on” their medical practice versus “in” their medical practice. That means specifically that the tremendous needs for more investment, more technology,more compliance, more staff and more practice management is a distraction from actual patient care.

(5) Many are concerned about the fact that there are only so many hours in a day, their  practice is not large enough to financially support another physician and yet the demands are such that they feel that they must make  yet another capital investment to reach out, identify, attract,  compensate  and retain a junior physician partner (whom they can scarely afford) in order to keep pace with the changing mandates in healthcare.

(6) Fundamentally, since the pending elections throw all the balls up in the air on healthcare reform, some docs are in a “wait and see” mode before they do anything other than that which is absolutely necessary.


The aforementioned viewpoints are derived  from physician research and  “word of mouth”. These views reflected here are a “composite” sketch of physican concerns as extrapolated by the editor of health industry marketing and do not reflect the views of any specific physicians.




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