Ten Tips for Healthcare Providers On Facebook Page Management

It is a fact that more healthcare providers are emerging with facebook pages. While, indeed, healthcare providers have been notoriously slow adopters of this platform and for many good reasons, if you are thinking about launching a facebook page or if you have one and do not know what to do with it….read the 10 tips below for some “foundational structure” they may help you.

1. Focus on “value added” patient information in the form of content  that is friendly, informative and not too controversial.

2. Do utilize expert medical practitioners within your healthcare organization, allowing them to shine and also attracting   potential patients to your facility.

3. When possible, and as you can afford to do so, delegate the responsibility for your facebook page to a full time employee of your marketing department

4.Work on attraction strategies on facebook versus “scaring”  people off. I do not recommend “free range” posting by “patient consumers”  on your facebook page who may or may not be happy with your healthcare facility, services provided by a specific healthcare provider, his/her personal EMR experience and nire,  if you MUST allow them to “engage” on your facebook page, pay close attention and deploy a specific representative to field their concerns  who is “appointed” to invite them to a “face to face” customer service session and diligently work on “reputation management”. I have seen numerous hospitals get “outed” on facebook from sheer neglect of the page by hospital employees who are the administrators of the page,  who have multiple jobs and who do not have the time, skill set or education to monitor the evolution of facebook tools.

5. Do create your own custom content via photos, “free” downloadable white papers via email permission based marketing.

6. Should you use other people’s photos and/or white papers, etc., either get permission or provide attribution. Otherwise, pay close attention to their copyright notices.

7. Do engage with the community surrounding your facility via “Likes” etc.

8. Do not allow “Suzy Jo” who is a healthcare provider of some description  and employee of your organization to “freelance” as your social media-ista since she already has another mission critical job that impacts “hands on” patient care/communication or even worse….she handles patient collections.

9. Consider formulating your brand consciousness via  private face-to- face marketing focus panels. Invite people into your facility to participate who have either used your facility or may be thinking about it. Find out what they are thinking. Get them involved in “curating” one of your products/services. For example; you could ask them to tell you what they like about your marketing of the  “free diabetes management” class you are offering to the community on facebook.

10. Summarily, it is also a great idea to hire an online marketing  consultant to assist you in your campaigns and maximize the opportunity to lead vs. follow your competitive healthcare providers in the emerging “patient-consumer” engagement  marketplace where “personal access” is driven by enabling technologies and software every single day.

If you and your healthcare facility are too busy, too tired, too stressed and unknowledgeable about online marketing and need a complimentary  15 minute telephone confidential “diagnostic assessment” about your healthcare provider organization’s facebook online presence, feel free to contact us.

Our professional team, lead by a seasoned healthcare provider of services in organizational development, B2B product and services deployment, healthcare technology assessment as well as digital online marketing that complements your “real time” environment, will help you to mitigate risks, avoid costs and prosper in the marketplace.

Email: healthindustrymarketing@gmail.com

Phone: 910.550.4471 To  your health!

Health Marketing Advisor

Linda Carey

Health Industry Marketing is comprised of a team of experienced "Offline and Online' Business Development Specialists and Internet Marketers. Practical 'in the trenches' business acumen is paired with new media to bring your organization the best possible results.

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