Physicians Should Practice What They Preach to Patients.

Physician Communication

Healthcare providers! Who are you REALLY? Where  do you really stand on the subject of better health?  Are you participating in a “do as I say…not as I do” communication with your patients?

Have you noticed that many of your peers, colleagues and staff are showcasing obesity to your patient-consumers?

Dale Carnegie and Toast Master graduates know that  in general the “first impression” is the strongest one that an individual can make to an audience. We all may have heard this “age old” platitude from Mothers, Fathers, Coaches, Mentors and Teachers. Why then is it so hard for healthcare professionals to adhere to this philosophy

Oftentimes, a  walk into a physician’s office or a hospital will quickly reveal that the shiny look on the outside of the building or as showcased through glitzy marketing pamphlets  is a far cry from what is actually revealed on the “inside” of the facility.

A real bell ringer is to simply walk into the hospital gift shop where all the high sugar snacks are displayed. In addition, watch how many  unhealthy, fat-laden “take outs” are being featured on reception desks and are frequently ordered by staff.

It is truly shocking to see the number of healthcare providers within all rank and file  who live by the “do as I say…not as I do mantra.” Role models truly are important…..and they start with YOU!

Think about it! How can you, a  healthcare provider, influence patients to adopt better habits when you are seemingly non-compliant?

Is it the stress of the job? The hours that are worked? Emotional Eating? Regardless of the scenario,  healthcare professionals who give advice to patients must take a personal inventory first.  Please consider how your own his/her own profile may or may not be the right catalyst for constructive change.

The Health Advisor



Linda Carey

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