Happy New Year and 7 Healthcare Predictions for 2015

Healthcare Population Management ]

Security and  Avoidance of Potential Security Breaches Will be “Top of Mind” Going Forward and Savvy CEOS and COOS will increase oversight into the teams and vendors who have jurisdiction over these areas. This is likely to generate more interests in acquiring great IT leadership with experience in security from outside of the healthcare industry and likely from private software security companies and/or government agencies characterized as “high risk” for security breaches.

In general, hospitals will continue to allow IT to be overstaffed and inefficiently led until such time as a high risk breach occurs and proactive excavation and discovery of shortfalls in “presumed good standing” of It and security is required.

Healthcare providers’ “quality scores” will likely be a sore spot for reimbursement  in 2015. Demerits will occur based on inconsistent monitoring of accountability in patient care by healthcare delivery staff.  Quality scores may also be impacted by  patients who are able to speak back in volumes through social media about any perceived shortfalls in care, regardless of whether they are real or imagined….before they leave the hospital as opposed to responding with HCAPS surveys post-hospital stay.

 More Group Purchasing associations will be forged  through mergers by healthcare alliances thus allowing member hospitals greater opportunities for purchasing at discounts and sharing of risk mitigation strategies and proactive cost avoidance tactics.

 Outsourcing of select services such as food services, dietary consultations and housekeeping services will continue to grow as hospitals need to expend  their time and manpower  in remediation of other inefficiencies in healthcare delivery.

This is the year that conditions may precipitate the emergence of clinical engineering thought leaders, once and for all, to be recognized as mission critical participants by the executive team within hospitals. These individuals may well be identified within the rank and file of contracted clinical engineering vendors whose exclusive focus is the medical equipment.

This is will be a pivotal year for custom mobile applications to be created for healthcare providers. Select mobile apps will likely be tied into the patient-consumer marketplace and communities. Hospitals who commit to mobile applications will be able to capture more data and therefore extrapolate key trends relative to population management as well as build patient-consumer relationships. The keys for consideration here will be HIPPA certified compliance resources,  and who owns the data that is captured. Outsourcing of Mobile will be the biggest trend on foot due to the custom software development expertise required in the Iphone and Android space.

Linda Carey

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