Q: What Specific Services Can You Offer our Organization?

A: Healthcare Industry Marketing Works Behind The Scenes of Your Company. We offer customized solutions to our client’s challenges in the various aspects of business development in the “new” and “conventional” economy. We also embrace your perplexing challenges as though they are ours. Busy executives are finding that reliable intelligent “out sourced” resources are invaluable to them  in today’s fast paced world. We literally assist them in  leading more productive lives at work and away from work.

We achieve your desired results through impactive research, analysis, and evaluation utilizing our tools and yours.

Select business development activities can involve “online or offline”  business  solutions.. The integration of all tools that facilitate resolution of your challenge is pivotal to our successful outcomes.

Q: What Types of Projects Have You Worked on Thus Far?

A: Through the years, projects have varied but the common denominator is that a Senior Manager or CEO had a compelling need for intelligent assistance and complementary skills. Select projects have included but are not limited to the following;   Pre-acquisiition Medical Device Research & Technology Assessment, Vaccine Research Assessment, Proprietary Nationwide Product Launch Activities, Comprehensive Manpower Planning, Restructuring of Diagnostic Imaging Company Prior to Purchase,  Participation in National Public Awareness Campaign for Early Detection of Breast Cancer, Human Resource Training & Development for Various Providers and Supplier Organizations, Content Creation & Management, Blogging, Website Design & Development, Lead Generation,  Press Releases, Curricula Design,  Training & Development, SEO Strategic Planning and Implementation as well as Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing & Physician Practice Communication Coaching.

Q: How Is Health Industry Marketing Typically Compensated

A: We work on a “fee for project” basis that is highly competitive with most healthcare consulting resources.  Our company has competed with the “Name Brand” International firms quite well thorugh the years.

Your project scope is specified and priced according to  an “in depth” analysis of  your “self-described” needs.  The fee for service is  billed on a monthly basis and is non-refundable for work completed within the contract period.

Should the scope of responsibility increase, an addendum to the contract can be anticipated. All proposals identify “deliverables” prior to project commencement. The client and the consultant collaborates in the determinations made therein.

“Satisfied customer” is the designation that is most sought after by our consulting team. We have and will “go above and beyond” to ensure that you are a satisfied customer.


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  • Some of the Many Services We Offer

    Utilizing Leading Edge Tools and Savvy People for Online & Offline Dominance in Your Marketplace,

    We Provide the Following;

    Mobile Marketing Strategy,
    Mobile Websites,
    Custom Landing pages.
    “Proprietary Software”,
    Competitive Text Rates,
    Social Media Marketing,
    Search Engine Marketing,
    Search Engine Optimization,
    Brand Architecture,
    and Identification of Strategic Partners for Alliances.