Dr. Suess: Stress Reduction Strategy in Relationships

Dr. Suess’s Wisdom and How to Reduce The Stress of Your Relationship!

Let’s face it. Nobody is perfect. Dr. Suess whimsically conveys the message that we are all weird in our own way.

We all have idiosyncratic behaviors of some kind. Have you ever wonder how it is that people actually fall in love with one another? Dr. Suess has an answer. I happen to think that there is a lot of truth to his wisdom. Finding someone who can put up with our own quirks while we put up with their’s is a great formula. It is different for all people. A behavior that drives one person nuts may be totally irrelevant to another person.

Stress in relationships is often brought about by repetitive habits that never change. For example, if your spouse is a slob and you are a neatnik then your entire relationship is likely to be very stressful unless you can simply find a way to accept accept the reality of your mate.

At the end of the day, you need to ask yourself; do the benefits of this person in my life outweigh his/her quirks that I have to tolerate?

You get to decide. The longer the relationship term, the more likely you are to either grow more annoyed or find your partner’s quirks endearing.
Perhaps you can even choose to ignore them. That is a healthy opportunity for sure. Cortisol is elevated in response to stress or threats. No one needs to live well in a perpetual state of “elevated cortisol” brought on by “bad” stress as it is not likely to contribute to an overall healthy profile.

So…find your balance and have a good laugh. We’re all “weird” and “quirky” so you’re in good company.

To your health!
The Health Advisor

Linda Carey

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