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In today’s healthcare environment, the requirement of attention to detail and escalating performance under pressure has amplified up the stress for healthcare providers. Reality check; technology has outdistanced our ability to react as fast as demands are generated and operate in “real time” with the provision of patient care.

While all of the problems of stress cannot be ameliorated in one fell swoop, because, in truth, healthcare changes on foot are simply overwhelming. Even COOS of hospitals walk into an environment each day where the analogy we often hear is this ” it is like walking into a kitchen where all the pots are overflowing on the stove and some on fire…I don’t know which one to put out first”.

So…what to do? In the midst of chaos do you just run for cover? Maybe ….but Health Industry Marketing has a solution that might be a lot better for you over the longer term.

We invite you to consider the power of “TAIS”, The Attention and Interpersonal Styles Assessment”. This particular tool has been tested under fire by the elite Navy Seals, the Army Rangers, The U.S. Olympic Committee, the Australian Sports Institute,  the Canadian Olympic Committee and Countless leading business professionals? Why? Because operating under pressure is where we are most likely to make “high stakes” errors.


Superman Leaps Tall Builidings With A Sngle Bound.

If your organization can benefit from personalized coaching for stress reduction, attention deficit errors and simply “how to get along better with patients and other staff”, Health Industry Marketing can help.

Our Certified Facilitators can provide cost effective, high impact and expedient information…that is actionable. This can be done on-site or via the internet with confidential coaching via a webinar or phone call.

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