Building Authority Online Through Great Marketing


Have you ever thought that your authority online is not getting you “picked”?

Do you want to get “picked” through great authority? If so, read on.

Has it ever occurred to you that your  best prospects are right in front of your eyes but for some reason they do not see you…even though you have a fantastic reputation with existing patients, vendors, and other types of customers?

If you are constantly being bombarded with solicitations for SEO specialists, make no mistake, SEO is not Marketing and Branding but simply a subset of your entire suite of tools used to facilitate your brand awareness.

Marketing is the “finding of good stuff” about your organization, i.e., not just your services but your community involvement, etc.

SEO remains relevant but truthfully “authority” via great content is the key.  Great content is providing super video, super social media and super results.

This is particularly true since Google continues to change their algorithms all the time. It is hard to build a business on aspects that change and change without your own consent.

Relationships are key to positioning in Marketing. Everyone is always thinking about traffic, getting a website backlinked and the results that pertain to “getting traffic” via various mediums.

Positioning your company as an “authority” is pivotal. The real credible authority is YOU. What is your brand? Why are people picking your hospital or healthcare company right now? How do you intend to magnify the experiences of those people?

The fact that you have been #1 on Google remains significant.

SEO and “pay for click” services are not MARKETING.

Health Industry Marketing can look you in the eye with confidence and know that we  can help you and your organization to build authority. You can get selected above and beyond the “others” in the pack  of competitiors who are also trying to get the same customers.

If you are interested, contact us for a complimentary  10 minute “live” telephone assessment of your current positioning online.

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